Monday, July 19, 2010

When Fireworks Go Wrong

Keep this little video in mind the next time you go to a Fireworks night at a baseball game. I love the guy shouting "oh no, oh no, OH NOOOOO!!!"

I'm assuming nobody got hurt here...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Prank Call Of The Weekend - Casey Kasem calls a Chinese Restaurant

I love fake celebrity prank calls. Thankfully there's a healthy amount of them on YouTube. From time to time, I'll post an all time favorite of mine.

First up is long time Top 40 Countdown announcer Casey Kasem calling a Chinese Restaurant to place an order. Since Chinese restaurants mainly use numbers to place orders, you can bet hilarity ensues.

Taken from the Howard Stern show...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

All Time Favorite Songs - Save A Prayer

Of course taken from Live Aid. This was the last time the original members of Duran Duran played together until their reunion in 2001.

Good stuff...great song...and one of the best lines ever in a song ("some people call it a one night stand but we can call it paradise").

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Classic Commercials - Apex Tech

I watched a lot of WOR (channel 9), WPIX (channel 11), and Fox (Channel 5) growing up here in New York mainly because those were the stations that had cartoons as well as classic 80's shows in syndication like Diff'rent Strokes, Facts Of Life, and Mr. Belvedere. Because these stations were local, you get local commercials. One I remember as a kid involved a mythical place called Apex Tech.

I had no idea what Apex Tech was other than the fact it seemed that a friendly bald headed guy would tell you how important it was to be able to fix car engines, repair a refrigerator, and most importantly service air conditioners. Students appeared to be working very hard around him. His classic sign off "Now I can't call you, you have to the take the first step" is legendary.

I had forgotten about Apex Tech until I was walking down 6th Avenue in Manhattan a couple of weeks ago and stumbled across this and nearly crapped my pants...

It was almost like running into an old friend from elementary school you hadn't seen in years. The memories started coming back and I almost wanted to walk across the street to see if that affable bald headed instructor was still there (or still alive since its been nearly 20 years). Thankfully somebody on YouTube posted one of the old commercials. The audio isn't the greatest but it includes one of the greatest catch phrases of my early years...

Glory days of public access TV...

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Voice Of God vs. The Scary Preacher Guy in Poltergeist 2

Sad news from the sports world yesterday as it was announced that New York Yankee public address announcer Bob Shepard died. Hearing the report was funny in that many people said that he "believed to be" 99 years old. I'm not sure why he wouldn't confirm his age so close to 100 years old but that's not the point here.

After seeing pictures of Bob Shepard, I realized two things:

1.) He had a lot of liver spots all over his face and head.


2.) He looked a lot like the preacher guy from Poltergeist 2. Remember him? All he wanted to do was take Carol Anne back to the promised land. He seemed like a nice guy but he looked very freaky and obviously had ulterior evil motives.
Anyway see below for the resemblance and tell me I'm wrong...