Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Classic Toys - Lite Brite

I didn't have this toy but had friends who did.  I'm glad I didn't.  I would have never had the patience to make anything of note.  I mean, just look at the commercial.  All of the ones they show are already made...and some of them look pretty damn complicated.  How many pieces are laying on the ground?  This had to be for ages 8 and up right?  I'd also put a "do not use if you have pets" disclaimer as well.  This personifies what a choking hazard is.  Anyway, check this out...

Some quick notes:

1.) Who doesn't love that song.  I probably was humming this little ditty and "We Are The World" back in 1985.

2.) Freeze frame at that the 2 second mark and take a look at that horse.  Not only is it just a horse, its a carousel horse with about 300 different colors.  How does one make this?  I would have probably lost half the pieces in a matter of days.

3.) 0:09 mark. There's only one thing that scares me more than actual clowns....clowns made on an old Lite Brite game.  Just take a look at that thing.  It's begging you to go to sleep so it can steal your soul.

4.) 0:14 mark.  Love that "GOOD NIGHT DAD" one.  Dad must have spend HOURS putting that together for those three words.  This is why texting was invented and needed.  Though it would be fun to have a lite bright just to spell out "I AM GAY" or "DAD I LOVE HOOKERS" and leave it by his bedside to see how he would react.

5.) 0:20 second mark.  I know its trademarked on the screen but how much did Milton Bradley have to pay Walt Disney to show the shot of Mickey Mouse?  Couldn't they have just showed a picture of a mouse with big ears and call it Mikey?

6.) Two crucial pieces of information.  "Light bulb not included" and "refills sold separately".

7.) 0:28. GAH!!! The soul sucking clown is back!