Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Running The Bases At A Blazing Speed

Words can't really describe this. Actually there is one...AWESOME.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Auto Tuner

To me, the music industry is in the toilet today. Anybody can have a hit song regardless of how bad their voice is. Take a look at hack singers like Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Jamie Foxx, Kanye West, Ke$ha, and even Britney Spears. Its all about images and looking good. The auto tune has exploded all over music the past few years but its been around for awhile. Daft Punk uses it a lot (along with vocoders which are pretty cool) and until a few years ago, the biggest example of it was in the Cher song "Believe".

Here are some better examples of the auto tune...first up is one of my all time favorite songs growing up. I didn't know how the singers made their voices go that high until a few years ago when the auto tune became much more popular. I love the high pitched vocals around the 1:40 mark ("wedding ring...." then really high "weeeeddding riiingg")

Next up is a scene from The Simpsons from 2002 or maybe 2003 that parodies exactly how anybody can sing. Right around the 1:00 minute mark is what you're looking for (sorry about the not so great quality).

Lastly, the auto tune works well with just flat out comedy. Check out this scene from the show "Intervention". This man's family finally gets through to him and he lets out a primal scream at the :17 second mark. Here's the clip.

Funny all by itself right? Well let's see what an auto-tune does to it.

Just goes to show that anybody can sing. Can we get another Grunge like movement happening soon???