Monday, September 10, 2012

Classic Commercials - Crazy Calls For Your Answering Machine

Remember the days before voicemails?  When one would use a tape cassette to record someone leaving you a message on your answering machine.  My parents had a DIGITAL one (yeah, that's right) so you could actually record whatever you wanted to say.  Let's just say that my then 10 year voice was the cutest thing ever...then puberty hit and I was constantly reminded as to how terribly nasally my voice could be.

Anyway, the 1980's was commercialism at its peak so of course there was a company and product invented to jump all over the answering machine crazy...folks I give you "Crazy Calls".

I don't know anybody that used Crazy Calls but GOD DAMN if I didn't know all of the songs.  Let's take a look at their most famous advertisement and walk down memory lane.

Beginning to 0:12 -  First up is the classic "Boogie Woogie".  I'll admit, I don't remember this one at all.  It was done in a 1940's World War II girl troupe style and what then 10 year old kids cares about killing Nazis?  Not this one for sure.

0:13 - 0:20    Next up is the more memorable "Call Me If You Can-Can".  This song was all over 1980's and early 1990's commercials mainly due to the legendary Shopright grocery store using it for their ads.  Their add features cans of fruit doing the Rockets leg kick.  That was awesome...

0:21 - 0:27   Now we're getting a little serious with the Twilight Zone themed "Answering Machine Zone".  I love how they can't secure the rights to use the original Twilight Zone music so they use some weird bell-like keyborad sound with a Rod Serling imitator.  

0:27 - 0:34  This was one of my favorites.  They take that famous Beethoven song and just add the words "NOBODY'S HOOOOOME....NOBODY'S HOOOOOME".  Strangely, they couldn't come up with a witty pun sounding name for this one as its simply called "Beethoven's Fifth"....fifth what?

0:35 - end. Awwww it is.  The Stairway To Heaven of answering machine messages.  Simply called "The Rap" because it is THE RAP to end all raps.  I wish the announcer guy didn't talk about most of the song but at least you get the best part...."ya gotta wait for the beep, ya gotta leave your name ya leave your number".  Complete with gang vocals!

Final Thoughts: So there are seven songs and we only got to hear five of them.  I'm dying to find out what the other two sound like.  Also, $14.95 for this??? That was a lot of money back then.  As a kid, I used the cost of Nintendo games to gauge if something was pricey or not.  Most Nintendo games were $29.99 so in my mind was this worth half a game?  I'd have to say yes with this one...

Lastly, I love the address.  A P.O. Box somewhere in "Midtown Station" in New York City.  Sounds more like some guys basement than anything else.

They don't make these commercials like they used to...unless you live in the New England region and get NESN.