Friday, June 27, 2008

Why CGI was created

Back in the mid 80's there was a TV show called Manimal. It was about a "man" who could change into various "animals"....hence manimal. Anyway, this show ranks up there with "The Greatest American Hero", the original Transformers cartoon, and the "very special" episode of Silver Spoons when Ricky was forced to go hunting with his grandpa and he had to shoot and kill a deer as TV events that have shaped my life today.

Below is the best part about Manimal....the transformation scene. If I can recall the scene setup, I believe the bad guys in this particular episode puts the manimal character into a lion's den. Notice the Emmy caliber acting as the manimal character stares down the lion in the very beginning.

I'm ashamed to say that I used to try and renact the transformation sequence myself as an 8 year old kid but could only get as far as the weird hand movement thing.

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Paine-fully obvious said...

I loved this show. Sadly I too also tried to recreate the weird hand transformation.