Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Classic Videos - Separate Ways by Journey

Today we now have a new leader of the free world and in honor of saying goodbye to the Republican party being in control, I thought of this song.

I love Journey...actually that's not exactly true. I like Journey, but I LOVE Steve Perry. Journey can tour all they want these days but its not "my" Journey until Steve Perry plays with them again. So for now, I have to live in the past and there's nothing better than this song from 1983. the original video has it all...from the band miming the playing of their instruments as well as dramatic poses from Mr. Perry and the band themselves.

Sadly You Tube does not allow me to post the original version of Separate Ways on a website.

For what its worth the link to the video is but the live version is almost just as good...

There's not much to comment on as the song itself tells the story. These guys could play their balls off and I challenge anybody to try and recreate this song live and make it sounds just as good as the original. Still, there are some random things here to mention.

:14 - I love the walking backwards strut Steve Perry pulls off here.

:23 - The fact that yellow jumpsuits with black tee shirts were ever in style is amazing.

:50-:53 - nothing makes me laugh more than hand gestures by singers. A great fist clench here.

1:32 - Another band member sporting the yellow and black look. Check out that bass too without the frets at the top.

5:08 - What is Steve Perry saying here?

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