Saturday, November 28, 2009

Quick Observation - Back To The Future III

Just watched Back To The Future Part III for the 100th time this morning and realized two things.

1.) Marty McFly's character suffers three major concussions in a matter of weeks (1. getting hit by the car in the first film; 2.) getting punched out by Biff's gang in the second film; and 3.) getting knocked out when he hits his head on a fence. I'm not sure what Marty's long term prognosis would be but if he was a football player, he'd probably be living today with seizures and tremors. This is ironic since Michael J. Fox actually does have Parkinson's disease....but that's probably a coincidence.

2.) When Marty comes to in the third movie, he sees an ancestor Maggie McFly who is played by Lea Thompson who plays his Mom in the trilogy. This always seemed normal to me because he always wakes up to some version of his Mom in the first two films but this one is weird. Follow me here:

- If her last name is McFly, then that means she is from Marty's DAD's side of the family.

- That means that someone who looks very much like Marty's Mom is an ancestor of Marty's Dad, George McFly.

- George McFly then mates with Lorraine, Marty's Mom, and they have Marty.

All of this means is that an ancestor of Marty's looks EXACTLY like Marty's Mom, who technically has no blood ties to the McFly name. Unless Lorraine is a third cousin or something.

I won't even get into the creepy fact that Maggie McFly's husband Shamus is played by Michael J. Fox. What if Marty heard them getting it on? How would you feel if you went back in time and you heard someone who looks exactly like your Mom having sex with someone who looks exactly like you?

These are the things that come into my head while watching movies sometimes.

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