Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Saturday Night Randomness

I was digging through unfinished ideas that I started to write but gave up and come across this post I started a few weeks ago. Let's just say I gave up due to too much pumpkin ale. I'll just let the below speak for itself...


The Missus is away, I've been in lockdown mode all day, but as Sting once sang with the Police "Bring on the night...I couldn't stand another hour of daylight". Time for a running diary of me being on my own with a twelve pack of beer and about 200 music DVDs. The night started with a dinner out with the folks where I probably drank one too many pumpkin ale beers. It eased me right into an hours worth of Beatles Rock Band...but now its time to breeze through some random DVD's I have. My only self-imposed rule is that I can't play more than 15 minutes of a single DVD. Let's see how far I can go. In running order:

10:15pm - Let's start with a video collection I have called "New Wave Videos from the 1980's". If I only have 15 minutes, I can only play 3 videos. First up is Steppin' Out by Joe Jackson. The plot of the video is terrible. A maid at a hotel wishes she could live the good life of a wealthy person by pretending to wear said person's cocktail dress. Joe Jackson somehow goes from being a hotel guest with a piano in his room to lounge piano player. Again, this is the 1980's. I'll give somebody $5 if they can logically explain what happens in the last 25 seconds of this video.

10:20 - Let's go with "The Safety Dance" next. Good lord, I'm watching the end of the world. A guy with perfect hair, a midget rocking out to a ukelale, and a blonde haired woman on crack. Gotta love the Safety Dance move where one spells out the letter "S" midway through the video.

10:25: Last video here...Bananarama's "Cruel Summer". Sadly, there's no footage from Karate Kid (watch the soccer scene from that movie) but you get a nice pastiche of when overalls were on top of the fashion world. God, I love that guitar riff from the chorus and the bass riff during the mini breakdown part towards the end. These have to be worst car mechanics ever but I love shots of the classic NYC skyline. Also love the cop breaking it down at the end of the video.

First DVD switch: Moving on to another set of MTV videos I have called "Awesome Idols". Again , I can only choose three so I pick:

10:35 - Styx's "Mr. Roboto" - The song that pretty much destroyed Styx's career yet it was the one that got me somewhat into them. The first 50 seconds include a robot, an Elvis impersonator, and the band Styx...acting as robots. I love the expression of the blond haired guy in the beginning...you can tell he knows he's in a terrible video. Cool robot moves through out though. I love Dennis DeYoung (the fro haired singer) but he defintely took the wrong colored pills when he made this video at the 3:40 mark.

10:45 Pat Benetar's "Love Is A Battlefield": I'm a sucker for 80's videos but I'm a HUGE sucker for 80's vidoes that include a dance sequence. This video is a close second to most Michael Jackson video's as well as Murray Head's "One Night In Bangkok" in terms of a great dance sequence. Not sure what the plot is other than Pat Benetar's character is upset with her home life. She also seems to like to dance with random men yet hate them at the same time all the time wearing a green dress. Prepare for 80's bliss at the 3:20 mark...I am mesmerized.

10:51 - Taking it down a notch here for "Hello" by Lionel Richie. Lionel is telling a handful of students about the author "Billy Boy". I love how the main theme of the song fades in and out during the beginning of the video...when does it really start? Anyway, Lionel's got a hard on for the blind student in his class. She's talented for a blind person though...she's smart, likes to talk acting, and likes to dance. Poor Lionel. I also have to say that this is one of the greatest acoustic guitar solos ever as well at the 3:30 mark. That has to be coolest head ever at the 4:38 mark too. I'm living in the wrong decade...time to switch DVD's.


As you can see, I never did change DVDs. So much for a running diary, I made it barely 45 minutes. Still, I ended up going to bed with an old episode of the Transfomers on the TV. Thank God I'm married because I'm afraid what I'd turn into if I did this every night I was by myself. Yeesh...

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