Tuesday, January 18, 2011


You can have your legos. You can keep your tinker toys. As for me...I was a CONSTRUX(!!!) kid. You might remember how CONSTRUX(!!!) worked. CONSTRUX(!!!) was legos on steroids using much bigger pieces that allowed you to make cool things like trucks, helicopters, or a boat. Even better, some of them had the ability to use batteries to actually make them move. I loved CONSTRUX(!!!).

You might be asking "why are you typing out Contrux in all capital letters?". I would tell you...because its CONSTRUX(!!!). Actually its because of the awesome TV commercials they used to have. I'd like to be the guy in the recording studio who gets to shout CONTRUX!!! every five seconds or so.

Check it out...

I love the drum machine and synthesizer here...I also like the "you build!" part. It's nice to see racial harmony was going on 25 years ago. Not sure why they're playing on a carpet though. Toys with wheels NEVER moved well on a carpet. Oh well, who am I to critisize.

Ahhhh, how I long for the old days of 1985.

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