Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Farewell Sue Simmons...farewell.

It was announced today that Sue Simmons' contract will not be renewed ending her career as the main news anchorwoman on the local NBC affiliate here in NY. She and Chuck Scarborough have been together for 32 years...I have been alive for 34 years so in a way, they've been with me almost all my life.

Sue was funny...she would get angry at times and reminded me of that school teacher that liked to talk down to you times. Other times, she would try to crack funny jokes. While Chuck was the more straight by the book type, it was Sue who get fiesty and throw in her own editorials to the stories.

Sue is also responsible for one of the greatest moments in New York Local News history. She also had a "Christian Bale" moment before he actually had his. God forbid you get in the way Sue giving a promo for a news story.

In the world of TV, she aged gracefully (she's actually 68 years old), seemed like a snappy dresser, and knew how to tell a story, but everyone's time to be cast out like old leftovers happens at some point in the entertainment industry.

Sue, I will miss you.

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