Sunday, February 26, 2012

And Finally....Best Picture

Here's Tom Cruise to present the final award of the night. Unlike last year where thye strangely played the final speech from "The King's Speech" over clips of all of the other nominees, they let each picture get its own moment.

Odds are the Artist wins it and the only question is...does Ugi the dog appear?

And the Aritst wins...and Ugi is there! Lots of French people swarm the stage as Ugi just stares off at the side of the stage. I like how the director of the movie is nailing the lead actress...good for you!

And that is it! Not the most exciting Oscars in recent memory mainly because of some pretty predictable winners. At least Meryl Streep won.

Alright, I'm out....but I'll leave the last word to the immortal John Rambo.

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