Sunday, February 26, 2012

Best Documentary

And we’re back…and its…er, The Muppets. Is there anyone more annoying and nagging as Miss Piggy? Poor Kermit, to be saddled with her after all these years. Anyway, they introduce Cirque Du Soliel who dance and trapeze around the audience. I’d love to see this end with Sacha Baron Cohen being one of the trapeze artists except he’s naked and lands on spread eagle on George Clooney’s face ala what he did to Eminem a few years back.

The Oscars are losing me here…though my wife throws in the “they are in complete control of their bodies…did you see that guy?” comment which makes me want to become anorexic and run a marathon but I’m too busy taking a sip of my second diet pepsi and whipped cream flavored vodka. Anyway, they get a standing o and Billy just claps and nods to random people in the audience.

Billy making some elderly jokes now….flomax…people wandering off…nice Billy.

Here’s Gwynth Paltrow and Robert Downey Jr. doing a bit about making a documentary about presenting. Only Downey could pull this up. Hey, did anybody see Contagion where Gwynth dies? Neither did I. I now get the connection with them presenting “Best Documentray”. I hope the Paradise Lost one wins…only because Eddie Vedder loves them…and who doesn’t love what Eddie Vedder doesn’t love?

Instead, “Undefeated” wins and we get a bunch of guys to accept the award. The guy with the glasses on the left must be so pissed that the two other guys took all the speaking time as well as probably most of the women when they hit the bars. Hah, they cut the mic....sucka.

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