Sunday, February 26, 2012

2012 Oscars - Pre Broadcast Thoughts

Well its been nearly two months since I’ve done anything with this website so I figured why not come back with a bang and observe Hollywood’s biggest night? After all, you can’t beat pretentious stars, winners who give goofy shout outs to agents and their children, and of course someone deciding to dust off Billy Crystal to host. Billy Crystal performing to a generation of people who’ve never heard of him in the year 2012? It makes perfect sense to me.

I’ve done a running diary on the Oscars in the past and did a decent job of watching most of the major movies and performances that were nominated. This year…not so much. Out of the top 9 films nominated, I saw one…Moneyball…and I saw it two nights ago. Heck I didn’t even see Bridesmaids and I love dirty comedies. That being said, here’s one or two reasons why I didn’t get around to seeing the other eight nominated movies.

“The Artist” – A black and white silent film about the 1920’s? No thank you.

“The Descendants” – I sort of wanted to see this movie and almost made plans to see it last night. Instead I went to bar and grill in Long Beach and had a delicious meal instead.

“Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” – Can’t get into the 9/11 mood of this movie. That and it seemed to be BEGGING for some Oscar nominations. I like Tom Hanks in anything though.

“The Help” – My wife watched this a few weeks ago and loved it. I hear good things about it but it seems very racist and includes a pie made out of human excrement.

“Hugo” – This seems like a companion piece to “The Artist” in that it takes place 100 years ago(!). Also rated PG and I have a “I don’t watch PG movies” mantra that I’m firmly holding onto no matter what.

“Midnight In Paris” – Not a fan of Woody Allen…sorry.

“The Tree Of Life” – From the reviews I read it was a lot like Anna Nicole Smith in her prime. Beautiful to look at, but not much there. Also has a vague ending which is about right for Anna Nicole Smith.

“War Horse” – Another PG movie and this one about a horse. Sorry, I liked Seabiscuit but I can’t get into a movie that features long drawn out looks by a little boy at a slowly galloping horse.

Here are eight movies I saw instead that I would personally recommend.

X-Men First Class, Captain America, Thor, Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, Taking Shelter, Horrible Bosses, Drive, and Drive Angry

Anyway, I’ll be back around 8:15pm to give some red carpet thoughts and then do updates throughout the broadcast.

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