Sunday, February 26, 2012

Best Supporting Actor

Here’s Melissa Leo to give an award to Christopher Plummer aka “Best Suporting Actor”. It was a good year for Kenneth Branagh being nominated and for directing “Thor”. When did Nick Nolte come back again? …and he’s 74 years old? Was 48 Hours that long ago? Max Von Sydow looks exactly the same he did in the Exorcist

And to no one’s surprise its Christopher Plummer who wins. Not bad for an 82 year old guy. I’ll always remember him as the bad guy in Star Trek VI (see an earlier post I dedicated to him for that role). Hmmm..he’s starting to almost ramble now…”Lupit and his wife Bertha”? Stay on course Christopher. His wife looks like she’s holding up better than the wife of the art direction couple earlier….nice job there Mr. Plummer.

Here's MAx Von Sydow...almost 40 years ago. He aged well!!!

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