Sunday, February 26, 2012

Best Actress

Here's Colin Firth to read a teleprompter and wax poetic about the best actress nominees. Glenn Close's character looks very freaky...Viola Davis looks very different from when I saw the movie "Doubt", probably because her hair is usually blown out and not the short buzz cut she has now...Rooney Mara, who looks terrible tonight in my opinion, is happy to be there...Meryl Streep, who's taken her glasses off, laughs as Colin recalls their fun times in Mamma Mia. I'll always remember her in such classics as "Death Becomes Her"...Michelle Williams has quietly become one of today's better actresses, hopefully she's win an Oscar someday.

But tonight is Meryl Streep's night. The movie she was in was terrible apparently but damn, did she not look like Margaret Thatcher in any footage or pictures you saw? Good for her...she's been around for a long time and made me break down and cry when I saw "Kramer vs. Kramer" when I was but a 13 year old lad...don't watch that movie alone.

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