Sunday, February 26, 2012

Best Visual Effects

And we return to Billy Crystal being seduced by Melissa McCarthy ending with a quickie between them in the dressing room…ugh there’s an image.

Anyway, I love Emma Stone…she seems so happy to be there. Hah, she’s great here and almost makes Ben Stiller look bad. Ben Stiller always seems to present for these second rate awards. Anyway, here’s best “Visual Effects”. Yes…”Real Steel”! I loved the Planet Of The Apes movie and hated Transformers. Michael Bay destroyed my childhood. Anyway, none of those movies wins as “Hugo” and its giant train wins again.

Do all of these Hugo winners want to sleep with Martin Scorcese? Talk about kissing ass. Oops, the first guy spoke for too long and ruined the lifelong dream for the other two guys up there with him.

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