Sunday, February 26, 2012

Technical Awards and some Documentaries

Milla Jovavich gets her first Oscar invite...and it’s to present all the third and fourth rate technical awards. That must be her punishment for making all of the awful "Resident Evil" movies.

Now hopefully some comedy with the Bridesmaids cast. Kristin Wig is so good at looking spectacularly sexy or plainly bad. I guess that's the beauty of her ability to hide into any role. Some lewd humor by her and Maya Rudolph lead to the short documentary. The Oscar goes to a movie called "The Shore". Sadly, its not accepted by Paulie D, J-Wow, or The Situation, but instead by a frumpy looking couple...oops she's actually the guy's daughter. Sorry about that.

Now we go the Documentary Short Subject and Melissa McCarthy do a gag about Martin Scorcese which seems to frighten him when they chug a nip of vodka. Anyway, the winners are for a film called “Saving Face”. Blah blah, thank you very much.

Now to the animated short film and a film way too long for me to name wins. Two guys come up on stage to accept the award, one with a cool hat. They seem very peppy but the show is hitting a lull. We’re in the home stretch now at least.

Going back to Maya Rudolph…did you know her mother sang this terrible song?

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