Sunday, February 26, 2012

Best Actor

We open with Precious talking about movies...hmmmm, we haven't seen much of her lately (Tower Heist I think was her only movie). Nice to see Ed Norton and Robert Downey Jr reunite for the first time since "The Score". Skinny Jonah Hill appears as well as Patton Oswalt who's is a great movie called "Big Fan" that I highly recommend. Again, more time wasting...and Billy laughs at his own joke yet again.

Now we get to the big ones. Best Actor is up first and Natalie Portman steps up and gives goofy shout outs to all of the nominees. She looks awkward trying to avoid reading the teleprompter while trying to look at him at the same time....I love it.

Sadly, I didn't see any of these movies except for Moneyball but I'm intrigued by the Clooney movie. The Artist guy will probably win here but hopefully Brad or George can pull off the upset. In a nice touch, Natalie gets to give props to Gary Oldman since he was in her first major movie "The Professional", another movie I recommend. I love Gary Oldman.

The crowd would love to see George or Brad win but...Sacre Bleu!...its the French guy from The Artist. I'll admit he's very charming but then again so was Roberto Benigni and he faded to obscurity shortly after winning. Whoa, we get some shouting in French and then he's gone.

Two awards left...time to strike up the band.

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