Sunday, February 26, 2012

8pm Pre-Show Crap

Quick thoughts going in...

1.) That interviewer on ABC, Tim with the glasses, sounds like the biggest phony in the world. If I tried to talk to people and enunciate my words as well gesticulate my hands and arms like he does, I guarantee I'd have no friends who would take me seriously.

2.) Glenn Close is promoting a movie I've never heard of but has an awesome title..."Albert Nobbs"

3.) Nick Nolte is nearly deaf but we learned he owns two crows.

4.) Cameron Diaz beats out Jennifer Lopez and Penelope Cruz to win the "excuse me but why are you here at this years Oscars?" award.

5.) Does Stacy Kiebler speak? She gives Clooney nervous looks anytime she says something.

6.) My wife thinks Brad Pitt's hair is "disgusting", Sandra Bullock's dress is "awful", and that Emma Stone seems "very likeable"

15 minutes to go...

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