Sunday, February 26, 2012

Best Director and something called the Governors Awards

Time for the first of the “Big 4” awards and its “Best Director”. Michael Douglas appears and he still seems thin from his cancer battle…but while his body lost weight, his head did not, making it look oddly proportionate to the rest of him.

Anyway, we go through these movies and it seems the Artist will win here but Scorcese has a shot. And the winner is…The Artist…yay. In a heavy French accent, he thanks a bunch of people as well as Uggi, the dog in the movie. He goes on a bit too long but doesn’t get played off.

Now we move onto something called the Governors awards and Meryl Streep, who still looks great in her early 60’s, gets to introduce the winners. Uh-oh, looks like an Oprah citing here. I love James Earl Jones, I like the shout out to his roles in Lion King and Star Wars but they forget this performance in the original “Conan The Barbarian” when he played Thulsa Doom…c’mon.

As they approach the stage, they get a standing ovation while some 80’s video game sounding music plays in the background. I guess that’s it. No speeches for them.

Stretch time!!!!

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