Friday, June 17, 2011

Completely Biased List of The Top 30 Music Videos Of All Time - Number 28 - Tell Her About It by Billy Joel

It's Friday and if you're Rebecca Black then you know what that means..."fun fun fun".

Anyway, Friday's tend to be more of an upbeat day so to fit that theme I give you the top 28 music video of all time, Billy Joel's immortal classic "Tell Her About It".

Billy's career can be broken up into two parts...1.) the serious songwriter piano based songs of the 1970's and 2.) the more poppy upbeat music of the 1980's and early 90's. I'm sort of split down the middle in terms of which I like more but his most "pop" 80's album has to be his "Innocent Man" album, where this song originates from. This album had a lot of great corny 80's videos like "Uptown Girl", "The Longest Time", and "Keeping The Faith" but I'm going to go with this one here. I love the look of early television so to see an homage of this puts it over the top for me. Let's take a look...

0:00-0:18 - We begin during the summer of 1963. I guess Beatlemania hadn't broken out yet here in the States so perhaps Billy was trying to imagine what it would it be like if he started some kind of Long Island Revolution? Anyway, we get a look at a terrible Ed Sullivan impersonator who all he does to look like him is purse his lips together.

0:20 - 0:42 Ah yes, there's the pride of Long Island Billy Joel in all his glory. It's funny, he had a terrible haircut in the 70's with his hair blown out but it took until his 30's to realize that the shorter hair look was the way to go. I also dig the sunglasses and goofy hand gestures while dancing in place.

0:43 - 0:46 - Looks like these two are having an affair.
0:54 - 0:55 - Yes these two will be banging shortly.

0:57 - 0:58 - It's Rodney Dangerfield!

1:00 - 1:04 - Ed impersonator rocking it a terrible acting sort of way.

1:05 - 1:11 - More Billy and I'm thinking he's the only white guy who can pull off the white jacket, black shirt, and red tie look.

1:33 - This is just a cool looking shot. It looks like it was filmed at a real concert because they're the only people in the video that look like they're dressed from the early 80's.

1:50 - Is this the bar from Animal House?

2:00 - Little kids might look cool dancing in front of the TV...grown adults look stupid.

2:01-2:14 Strange sequence here. The guy who just got dissed by the girl seems to come up with an idea to get her back. Meanwhile Billy strut dances into the screen along with a mixed bag of people dressed from the 50's.

2:28 - 2:37 Billy's fantasy...that women in their 20's dress up in their nighties and watch him on TV. Then again, his last wife and most recent girlfriend were in their twenties so maybe this Billy is from 30 years into the future?

2:48 - Billy shows up at the party delivering pizza's. Smooth move. Future porn directors come up with ideas for future movies.

2:57 - Some of the WORST acting you'll ever see in a video. I catch this part every time...first the awkward slightly out of sync head bobbing...then Billy appears to "surprise everybody"...then more slightly awkward head bobbing..and finally a terrible cut to a guy who has the worst "stunned acting" look on his face.

3:19-3:23 - The guy in the blue sweater dances like I used to in college. I never could get my feet off the ground. I haven't improved much since then.

3:26 - Pillow fight!

3:49 - 4:20 - I remember Rodney Dangerfield's "get no respect" act as a kid but I'm not sure when it was at his peak. Caddyshack was 1980-81 and Back To School was 1986 so this falls right in the middle. Rodney was flying high here at this point in is career...if you can call being in a Billy Joel video as high point. I love the bear by the way.

Have a great weekend...

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