Friday, May 17, 2013

Guilty Pleasure Song Friday - "So Many Men, So Little Time"

I LOVED this song as a kid.  Then it sort of slipped away into obscurity before hearing it a few years ago on an 80's station. Now it makes my normal rotation in my drive home from work singalong where I am the greatest lead singer of all time.  However, the video for this song is basically about a woman who risks getting AIDS by trying to sleep with as many men as possible.  When you hear that "TWENTY...THIRTY...FORTY!!!" part, that's the number of guys she banging.  I used it to learn my times ten tables.

If you though Olivia Newton John's "Physical" had a lot of shirtless men, then this is that video on steroids...literally for the some of the men in this video.

Still, I love this song.  It would make a great advertisement for a gay disco today.

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