Friday, August 30, 2013

Top 5... Montages from 1980's Movies

Today's Top 5 is a little different.  You don't see it much anymore but back in the 80's pop music was a huge part of movies.  Sometimes you would here entire songs being played while the movie's plotlines would be advanced.  As I give you examples, you'll hopefully see what I'm talking about.

5.) "Hungry Eyes" - Dirty Dancing

First of all I love this song.  Excellent emotional chord changes during the verse parts of the song.  Combine that with Eric Carmen's emotive voice and you just feel Patrick Swayze's dance instructor bonding with Jennifer Grey's high school student character.  This would probably be considered very inappropriate in today's times but this was a 1980's movie about a summer in the 1950's (or was it 1960's?).  In any event, is Jennifer Grey wearing just a regular bra in the first part of this scene? I could NEVER be a dance instructor...I'd be fired for unnecessary touching after my first lesson if my students wore these skimpy outfits. Anyway, enjoy because this is the LAST time I'll ever mention Dirty Dancing on this website again.

4.) "I'm Into Something Good" - Naked Gun

This is actually a parody of movie montages in a way.  Or at least its a parody of the montages that showed two people falling in love.  I love this movie and this is probably the first song from the 1960's that I ever heard.  Love the squirting of the condiments all over the place and how can you not enjoy a slow motion clothesline of another couple when running along the beach. Please forgive the morbid "Leslie Nielsen Memoriam" thing at the start of the video.

3.) "Win In The End" - Teen Wolf

Another classic movie.  Here, they actually play the entire song.  This is some of the worst basketball editting you'll ever see but the music is inspiring.  Random side note...the pudgy white basketball player in this montage is the guy who yells "Its Enrico Pollatzo!!!" in the aforementioned "Naked Gun" baseball game scene.

5.) "The Best" - Karate Kid

The last two are a tough call. I'd going with "The Best" at number 2 only because I've seen number one many more times and it hits me more emotionally (Plus its a slightly more awesomely bad song).  Anyway, what's the easiest way to cut through the BS of the early rounds of a karate tournament?  Let's make a song about what people in a tournament try to be...THE BEST!  I love when the music kicks in (at the 0:22 mark) and the Elizabeth Shue in the background shrieks "you're the BEST!!!".  I'm getting pumped up typing this.  Some pretty good karate scenes here, it looks like they trained hard.

1.) "No Easy Way Out" Rocky IV

The first Rocky movie I ever saw was Rocky IV.  Not only did it teach me about roman numerals and that Russians are evil, the entire movie is a montage.  From the beginning of the movie with "Eye Of The Tiger", to "Hearts On Fire", to the wacky instrumental montage where Rocky yells DRAGOOOOO on the top of a mountain, this is basically an MTV movie.  Still, the montage to end all montages is "No Easy Way Out" by the importal Robert Tepper.  Because of this montage, I never needed to see the prior three movies.  While Rocky is zooming along in his fancy car you get to piece together three movies together out of a four minute sequence.  I could gather that Rocky really got his faced bashed up pretty good at the end of Rocky I, Adrian looked really meek and mild in the first two movies, Apollo was a jerk to Rocky but then they slow motion hugged it out on the beach somewhere, and that Rocky's trainer looked like the Penguin from the old Batman TV show but he died of a heart attack along the way.  Also, he fought Mr. T and got a better haircut as time went along.

Now THAT's how you do a montage.  Plus this song is just great to drive to.

Happy Labor Day weekend everybody...

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