Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Classic 1980's Toys - My Buddy

I preface this quickly in that I did not have any dolls growing up. I didn't buy into the cabbage patch thing and my Dad would set himself on fire before allowing me a Barbie or anything like that. What's interesting is that the toy companies knew this so they tried to make a doll suited for young boys...its name..."My Buddy".

I'm not sure what the "My Buddy" doll was like. I don't remember any of my friends that had one. He seems like a good companion but all it seems to do is promote social outcastism among children. What I do know is that we all pretty much knew that damn song from the commercial.

I feel bad for the child in this commercial. He seems to have a nice home, a nice tree house, and one of those cool turbo bikes. Yet he seems to fill his time dressing his "My Buddy" doll up as a fireman, a carpenter, and then a Vietnam Vet soldier. I do like his clumsy attempts at hammering that nail early on and trying to feed his Buddy around the 0:21 mark. I feel the most sorry for that poor cat around the 0:16-0:17 mark. You can tell its pretty much being forced to sit there take after take until the damn kid uses that stupid fan thing the correct way.

Even worse, they made a doll called "Kid Sister" that had the exact theme melody except they added a couple of different lines and threw in a key change for kicks at the end.

No wonder Chucky and the "Child's Play" franchise was born shortly after this.

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