Saturday, February 13, 2010

Opening Ceremonies

The above picture just about summed up my opinion on the Opening Ceremonies. Although I always like the parade of nations, I was not a big fan of much else.

* The goofy dancing going on around the athletes during the Parade Of Nations
* A Bryan Adams sighting
* Shots of the beautiful Canadian scenery.
* The Irish step dancing stuff to the fiddle players.
* Appearances by Donald Sutherland, Bobby Orr, K.D. Lang (!) and Anne Murray (!!!).

Favorite Moments:
* The Olympic Cauldron malfunctioning and Wayne Gretzky getting impatient while holding the torch (see above). Bob Costas saying "this was NOT what we expected to happen"
* Gretzky nearly getting chased down in the streets of Vancouver.

* Just about everything else. All that culture stuff was pretty boring.

Worst Moment:
* The debut of the new "We Are The World" remake. A piece of my childhood just died. I need to compose myself long enough to write a review on this later this week.

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