Friday, February 19, 2010

Classic 80's Cartoon Transformation Scene - Turbo Teen

I don't remember much about Turbo Teen. I know it didn't last for very long and I couldn't tell you about a single plot but god damn it, I'll never forget the transformation sequence from boy to car. I stumbled across it on Youtube recently and after watching it again, I think its the best 25 second clip on the Internet. See below:

Good lord, what it going on here?!? First it looks like he prepares himself by getting into the receiving end of the doggy style position, complete with slight rhythmic movement. Then his body stretches out and you get a shot of his ass turning into a trunk of a car. Next his hands turn into tires and then comes my favorite part...when his head and goofy smile turns into the front of the car.

Even better is the awesome soundtrack going on in the background. Who thinks of this stuff? I can't stop laughing.

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