Monday, February 15, 2010

Classic Movie Scenes - Spaceballs "Alien"

The Alien Quadrilogy (not a real word, but that's what the DVD Box Set calls the four movies) is one of my favorite set of movies with Aliens being in my all time top 5. The only thing is that all the Alien movies are rated "R" meaning that I didn't really see the first Alien until I was around 13 years old...circa 1990.(I don't count the Aliens vs. Predator movies and one of my pet peeves in live is how can you rate the first Aliens vs. Predator PG-13?!?!...but I digress).

Anyway, one movie that I was old enough to see as a kid was the movie "Spaceballs". Spaceballs came out in 1986 and was a Mel Brooks movie that spoofed the Star Wars films along with other random movie references that at the time went over my head. As a whole, the film doesn't age well but there are some classic bits and lines like "Pizza The Hut", "They shot my bastards!!!", "Coming up next on movie reviews...Rocky 5....THOUSAND", "The combination is 1...2...3...4...5", and a few others.

My favorite joke happens at the end. Even though I had never seen the first "Alien" movie (none of the sequels had been made yet), this scene made me laugh my 9 year old ass off. I had no clue why the alien burst out of the customer's chest but man, I loved that dance and song he sings across the counter top. Now that I'm much older and love the Alien movies, this scene is brilliant because it appeals to little kids being something that appears completely random and to adults as a great spoof...mainly because they got the original actor from the first Alien movie back, John Hurt (who has one of the all time best British accents).

For your viewing pleasure...

Love the line at the end of the clip.."check please!".

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Rich said...

One of the best scenes ever. My wife never saw this movie (and would refuse to watch a "stupid comedy") but I would always talk about this scene and one day we caught it on tv and she was in stitches.