Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Classic Cartoons - Voltron

"And I'll form....the HEAD".

I'm not sure about you but I've uttered that line at least a few times in my life (not sure what the context would for saying that though). Anyway, it's one of those unintentionally funny lines from movies or TV shows that I like to say from time to time (Others include "You had your chance but you BLEW it!!!" from Cop Land, "I'm afraid alright?!? I'm afraid!!!" from Rocky 3, and "It's game over over!" from Aliens").

Anyway, the above line comes from one of the more underrated cartoons from the 1980's...Voltron. There was a version of Voltron that included 15 vehicles forming Voltron but to me, the classic version is the one with the five lions.

I was mesmerized by the action in the show. The episodes were pretty formulaic. The bad guy would release some evil creature, called Robo Beasts, onto the world and it would be up to five individual guys (actually four guys and one princess) in their respective lions to stop it. Mind you, the individual lions NEVER won so they always ended up having to form Voltron and usually slice the robo-beast in half and everyone goes happy.

The best part of every episode of Voltron was the when the lions formed Voltron. God damn, I tried to reenact this so many times when I was 7 years old trying to contort my body into one of the lions shapes like a leg or an arm but of course I ended up falling over or straining something.

In any event, the iconic line "AND I'LL FORM....THE HEAD" is something I wouldn't mind on my tombstone.

Here's the transformation sequence...I'd try to do those moves again but unlike straining my then little kid self back in the day, I'd probably give my now older self a heart attack.

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