Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oregon Trail - NFL Style

I loved playing Oregon Trail on the PC. Who couldn't resist the thought of you and your closest pals setting forth across the United States in an attempt to start a new life out west? Of course it was a lot easier than it seemed. Between running out of food, your wagon breaking down, bad weather, and of course your wagon sinking while trying cross the numerous rivers, this game was hard as hell. It did help me pick up a lot of vocabulary and phrases that I had never heard of before at the time. These include:

1.) "Caulk the wagon"
2.) "Attempt to ford the river"
3.) Dysentery
4.) Grueling
5.) Cholera
6.) Meager
7.) Bare bones
8.) Rear Axel

What made the game genius was two things...1.) being able to name specific people in the game and 2.) hunting for food. Seeing my Dad get a snake bite or my old friend Dan suffer from exhaustion always made me laugh. Of course it was sad when people died but you did get to put a little epitaph on their tombstone which I always thought was classy (even if you wrote something like "Here lies Mike, he liked tongue kissing old men").

This leads to the below video. Someone had the genius idea of combining the original Oregon Trail with the NFL. It talks a lot about the 2009 season (Favre retiring again from the Jets but then signing with the Vikings...Dante Stallworth's running over somebody...Tom Brady's season opening injury...Plaxico Burress shooting himself...Michael Vick's dog killing, etc.) and its pretty well put together.

I'm sorry for the advertisement in the beginning...its worth it though trust me.

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