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It Was 9 Years Ago...

Happy Monday to everyone. To those of you who have stumbled across or have been following this blog, I forgot to mention that I actually had a blog back in 1999. I was living in Allston, Massachusetts at the time and one of my roommates wanted to jump on the tech bandwagon and create a website dedicated to our apartment we were living in. Now these were the days of Netscape Navigator, AOL was the only all-in-one service provider for e-mail and surfing the web, and internet pornography was 10 second videos of the Pamela and Tommy Lee video (harder to find was the Janeen Lundermann heterosexual movie with Bret Michaels).

Anyway, I got as far as three posts on this website. It didn't have any graphics, just text. The first two posts are pretty boring as I hadn't developed much of a writing skill but the third could sort of pass for a post on this website. It was written around the holiday season of 1999, hence the year end recap. I had graduated from college that year as well hence the relative immaturity of my mindset at the time. Again this is from 1999 so bear with me....

Hello again everyone out there. Here are my most recent observations on society I've had the past few weeks:

1.) One of the lowest forms of society are those who buy a bunch of scratch-off lotto tickets at a newsstand. They don't buy the same lotto tickets either, oh no. They have to buy a few $5 "Double Down" ones, a couple $2 "Lucky 7's", and a $10 "Strike it Rich" scratch-off. Even worse, they get upset if the vendor is out or God forbid, hands you the wrong one. Meanwhile I'm standing behind them with a fifty cent newspaper and a dollar bill in my hand.

2.) Ah yes, Christmas time is here. For the first time, my roommates and I bought our very own tree. For all the good vibes Christmas brings you, just go to any mall right now and see society at its most primal.

3.) Is it me or is black the color of choice by women when they go out on the weekends these days?

4.) Tuesday is by far the worst day of the week and here's why. Monday you feel refreshed from the weekend and ready to work for a bit. Wednesday is the middle of the week day and you can actually start thinking about Friday. Thursday you feel the weekend almost upon you and you can go out Thursday night without feeling too guilty because all you have to do is push it a bit on Friday. Friday is simply Friday and its all good. Tuesdays just suck because its the beginning of the week and the weekend seems so far away. Sunday's sort of suck too because you know you have the week ahead of you but at least you have the day off.

5.) Italian food + drinking = rough night. I've heard three people in the past two weeks have a bad reaction to this combination.

6.) My favorite three Christmas songs are "The 12 Days of Christmas" by Jim Denver and the Muppets, "Do They Know its Christmas Time" by all those 80's British rock stars, and though its not exactly a Christmas song, "Life In a Northern Town", the song that goes "hey mum mum mum in the night now."

7.) To all people who have pocket books: PLEASE have your wallet open to pay for something before you have to go digging around for exact change. The cash register has plenty of change, hence the name cash register.

Since it is the end of the year I thought I'd give my 1999 best and worst awards. Mind you these are only opinions but they are not subject to debate:

Top 3 TV Shows:

1.) VH1 Behind The Music: A godsend of a show for a music lover like me.

2.) The Simpsons: Still going strong.

3.) The Tom Green Show: I love how he gets people fired up.

Worst TV Show:

1.) Any re-run of Full House on syndication: Between Bob Saget's cheesy acting and the gay music they play at the end of the episode while the "moral lesson" of the show is being preached makes me want to throw my dinner at the TV.

Best TV Movie:

1.) First hour of "Y2K: The Movie": It was cool to see NYC go dark and panic in the streets.

Worst TV Movie:

1.) Second hour of "Y2K: The Movie": The whole Nuclear fallout thing was a bit too much for me to believe.

Top 3 CD Acquisitions

1.) Filter’s “Title of Record” : Solid CD all around.

2.) The Cure’s “Galore”: Helps get you through anything.

3.) Stevie B’s Greatest Hits: I have no idea what Stevie B looks like, nor did I know it was him singing these songs, but this has to be the most underrated CD in the past few years.

Worst 3 CD Acquisitions

1.) DJ Skribble: A little too hardcore for me.

2.) “Drive Me Crazy” Soundtrack: Just plain dumb. What was I thinking?

3.) “Gran Tourismo Soundtrack”: What did I expect? Its a soundtrack to a video game.

Top 3 Movies

1.) American Beauty: The perfect dysfunctional family

2.) Go!: The E scenes are classic

3.) American Pie: Though intoxicated while watching this move, I thought it was a riot.

Worst Movie

1.) Virus: Any movie that involves robots killing people on a boat in the middle of the ocean and using their body parts to make a super-killing robot is sort of strange.

Top 3 DVD Acquisitions

1.) The Exorcist: Scariest movie ever made hands down.

2.) Michael Jackson HIStory- Greatest Videos: The Smooth Criminal video is worth the price of admission alone.

3.) The Matrix: Awesome special effects.

Worst 3 DVD Acquisitions

1.) Skinner: Hey it was $5.99 and had Traci Lords in it.

2.) Henry and June: I will never buy another artsy movie again.

3.) The Babysitter’s Seduction: Alright, I guess I had the testosterone going when I bought this one but my friend Keith talked me into it.

Top 3 Nights

1.) July 4th Providence. The video says it all.

2.) July 17th West Islip. I’d need a whole new Observer to talk about this night.

3.) August 21st Boston. Bonding night

Worst Night

1.) November 21st (my birthday spent in the bathroom of a bar).

Top 3 Moments

1.) Getting my degree from Boston College.

2.) Being in the mosh pit at Woodstock while Limp Bizkit was playing.

3.) Mets/Braves Game Five 15 inning thriller. Boston to NY and back to Boston at 3am.

Worst 3 Moments

1.) Walking through a bar drunk with my shirt sticking out of my fly. On my birthday too.

2.) Realizing a part of my life was over.

3.) Blacking out on the way home from a work party and having no clue how I got from downtown Boston to my apartment.

Maybe ending on the worst three moments of the year isn’t the cheeriest thing to do but its Christmas time so everyone is feeling on the up as it is. Thanks again for reading. If you have any observations to pass on to me that you’d like to see here, e-mail me them. I hope to have a Millennium edition before the year is out. Happy Holidays to everyone, and ladies, watch out for guys who wear mistletoe on their belt over the holidays. I hope I just didn’t give anyone any ideas…


I actually agree with the first part of this post in terms of all of the observations. I still think Tuesday is the lousiest day of the week for above mentioned reasons and women still use black as the go to color. I can't recall the Y2K movie at all. I'm embarrassed about my movie and CD picks but I'm not ashamed of saying it (The Babysitter Seduction was a TERRIBLE movie starring a pre-Felicity Keri Russel). However, I still stand behind the fact that "Smooth Criminal" is the best music video EVER made.

Until tomorrow...

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