Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen...The Shandle

Happy Tuesday to you all. I'm going to get away from traditional pop culture items to briefly discuss an invention that I think is one of the better ones out there. Its name...the shandle.

Ever been to a grungy men's bathroom to take a leak and notice a newly stained toilet bowl seat down just BEGGING for you to lift it up? Now imagine the fun of trying to lift that toilet seat up. Its not pretty and in fact its like being outside and lifting up a giant rock and finding tons of water beetles and earwigs running around. The Shandle solves that problem by attaching itself to the side the seat so you don't even need to touch the seat PLUS the shandle cleans itself so whoever uses it next doesn't have to worry about it being dirty. Here's a quick picture of one.

The only negative is that its not portable so once its on the toilet, it doesn't come off, but if you work in an office where there's only a couple of toilets, it might come in handy. Beleive me when I say that I have gone into the men's stall at my office and have seen things wink at me when I lift up the seat. I think I'm going to order a handful for that reason alone.

Here's the link to order them...they come in all different designs and seem affordable.


For all of you who I just completly bored to death and am looking for something more mindless and pop culture related, I give you the actual trailer from the movie referenced in yesterday's blog..."The Babysitter Seduction" starring Keri Russel. Talk about low budget...I love the announcer guy and look, its the Mom from the Cosby Show!


Anonymous said...

The Shandle is Awesome!

Anonymous said...

I just got 6 of them...Little bear can use the toilet....