Friday, October 3, 2008

Time For The Weekend

No major post today as I'm completely exhausted and my mind is pretty much mush. I'll throw in the a few tidbits before the weekend kicks off.

1.) Caught most of the VP debate last night though I'll admit I fell asleep a little more than an hour into it. About 80% of it involved Palin and Biden talking about Obama's and McCain's voting records rather than the issues themselves. I did like how Palin called Biden, "O'Biden" at some point, but that was by accident.

2.) Was in a high school today and walked by a locker that was "gift wrapped" for some one's birthday. I'm glad kids still do that although it was pretty lame, but mainly feel bad for the custodians that I'm sure need to clean up the mess.

3.) I'm trying hard to get into the baseball playoffs but with no NY team and the Red Sox starting off on the left coast, its hard to get into Philly/Brewers and Tampa Bay/White Sox. I'd love to get into the Cubs/Dodgers but those games have been over by the 5th inning so far.

4.) I was going to write a post about Paul Newman but couldn't get very far since I'm not a big fan of PG movies (aka Pre-Godfather). I do remember him from "The Color Of Money" which was just okay (lots of dialogue in between cool billiards action) but you can just watch Eric Clapton's video "Its in the Way That You Use It" to get the gist of the movie. I did see "Road To Perdition" that he was in and enjoyed that. Tom Hanks plays a hit man and Jude Law and a pre James Bond Daniel Craig play the bad guys. Paul Newman's best movie to me is "Twilight", not because its his true last starring role, but because its Reese Witherspoon's only nude scene on far.

Until Monday...

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