Thursday, October 9, 2008

Top 10 Cereals - Part 1 of 2

Let's do 10 cereals of all time based on my personal experiences eating cereal over the years. Today we countdown 10-6.

10.) Honeycomb

These wheel shaped pieces of goodness were also one of the biggest pieces of cereals you could find. They also had one of the more catchy jingles that I can recall without having to look at the commercial below. "Honey comb's got....a big honey taste. They're not no no". Wow, those are better lyrics than most Nickelback songs. I sadly remember this commercial all too well..."honeycomb, big taste, honeycomb" ....

9.) Special K

Not to be confused with the drug that causes major hallucinations, this is the "Granddaddy" of all cereals. Like a faithful mafia wife, I'll stray to other cereals to mix it up a bit but this is the cereal that I'll always come back to at the end of the day. It has some drawbacks though. It tastes terrible if you eat it dry and the last few bites are like trying to eat dust out of the milk.

8.) Cheerios

There are two kinds of cheerios...the honey tasting kind that features the honey bee as the mascot and then the kind that has a more normal taste. Like the confusion I had with Van Halen/David Lee Roth in the mid 80's the two kinds completely blew my childhood mind. I actually now prefer the more normal kind as I'm not a big fan of flavored cereal as I used to be. Nonetheless, I would be very upset when my parents would bring home from the supermarket the boring yellow Cheerios box and not the box with that rascal of a honeybee on it.

7.) Raisin Bran

It took me awhile to like any kind of fruits outside bananas and apples as a kid so when my Mom brought home a cereal with raisins in it one day, I immediately balked on it. It eventually grew on me boosted by the claim that there were "two scoops of raisins" in every box. I misinterpretted that to mean that I could only have two scoops of cereal when I had a bowl. wonder I was so hungry for lunch back then. I loved the happy sun pouring the raisins into the box though and they also had the best mascots ever...

6.) Apple Jacks/Froot Loops

Let's be honest, these were basically the same cereal except they were different colors and had different artifical flavors. Each had good brand awareness, who can forget the "Kellogg's Apple Jacks!" jingle and our old friend Toucan Sam flying around telling us to follow his long beak to the sugary goodness he was offering. Of course there was as much "apples" and "fruit" in this product as there was honey in the above mentioned Honeycomb.

Back tomorrow for 5 through 1.

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