Thursday, October 16, 2008

Top 10 Cereals of All Time - Part 2

Continuing on from last Thursday...

5.) Trix

Continuing from last week...

Trix was sort of related to Fruit Loops and Apple Jacks except they were more shaped like marbles. The reason they crack the top 5 though is their mascot, the Trix rabbit. Like Wil E. Coyote, the Trix rabbit could never get his hands on a bowl of the tasty goodness who's box bore his image. As a result, "Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids!" become part of our childhood lexicon. I remember more of an X-rated (and racist) version of the above phrase that I will not put on this website, but feel free to ask me the next time you see me.

4.) Cocoa Rice Krispies

Yes, rice crispies had that snap, crackle, and pop going for it but how about eating cereal out of a nice bowl of chocolate milk. That's what you got when you had a bowl of this cereal. A brilliant concept, I'm not sure if this cereal exists any more but if Rice Krispies was the Tina Yothers of cereals, then chocolate Rice Krispies was the Nicole Eggert...I'm talking about Nicole Eggert circa 1993 in "Blown Away" by the way.

3.) Count Chocula/Frankenberry/Boo Berry

I lumped these all together since they practically are the same cereal except for the flavor of marshmallows. It was a rarity when I had one of these but there's something about marshmallows in cereal that just makes perfect sense. The commercials were the best and they had to be careful not to scare little kids into not eating their cereals. I loved Boo Berry's bowler hat though.

2.) Lucky Charms

Another marshmallow cereal but this one gets the nod in the different colors and shapes. I had a friend of mine who's sister would steal all of the marshmallows out of the box leaving him with just the oats. I'll admit, I'd save the marshmallows for the very end to give my teeth that sugary coating they'd need for a strong day at school. On a side note, it blew my mind when they added the purple horseshoe and all the commercials started showing that random looking purple horse. Lucky Charms popularity is lasting enough to have a bad guy based on the leprechaun in Austin Powers.

1.) Cookie Crisp

Its basically a bag of cookies in a bowl of milk. As much as I'd love marshmallows in milk, eating cookies in milk is even better. This cereal is the only one (other than Special K) that has stayed in a somewhat steady rotation but I have to stop eating it because its so unhealthy for you. It seems like this would be more of a dessert for kids rather than a healthy way to start the day off. You have to appreciate the burglar and his dog mascots they featured as well.

Other mentions:

Frosted Flakes - Waaaaaaaaay too much sweetness on those flakes there. I didn't like how the milk tasted like drinking liquefied sugar either.

Wheaties - Not a big fan of the taste but always enjoyed seeing who the local celebrity was on the box every year.

Total - Like Wheaties, I didn't like the taste but still recall their ad campaign where you had to eat 15 bowls of Wheaties to get the nutrition found in one bowl of Total.

Teddy Grams - This was a favorite for a lot of people but I never got into it. Like Winnie The Pooh, bears only wearing shirts with no pants creep me out.

Life - Mikey may have liked it, but that's probably because he was quiet and never spoke. Did he end up as the horny mute kid in Nightmare on Elm Street 3?

Kix - Promoted as the healthy alternative, I'd rather lick the curb for breakfast than suffer through eating a bowl of this. Parents loved this though.

Nut N' Honey - Another honey based cereal that only sold well because of its dumb but catchy ad campaign....
Husband: "Whatcha eatin' there sweetheart?"
Wife: "Nut N' Honey"
Husband:"No seriously, what are you eating for breakfast?"
Wife:"I told you....nut N' Honey"
Husband: "Damn you, you stupid bitch!!!"

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