Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 Wrap-Up Part 2

On we go...

Best books of 2008

1.) The Chris Farley Show - the story of Chris Farley's rise to fame and crashing fall ending in his death. Told by stories of his peers including a lot Saturday Night Live people, his family, and other show business people, its a book I pounded through in a few days.

2.) Heaven And Hell: My Life In The Eagles by Don Felder - I'm a casual fan of the Eagles and wanted to see what it was like behind the scenes. Don Felder is probably their least known member but he served in the band for almost 30 years. You learn a lot about not just the band (Glenn Frey and Don Henley were major assholes) but about the other bands he played in beforehand. He grew up with Tom Petty and Steven Stills.

3.) Too Fat To Fish - Artie Lange's book that's mainly for fans of him or the Howard Stern Show. Lots of laugh out loud moments but god help anyone who gets hooked on cocaine or heroin.

Best 3 Sporting Events:

1.) Super Bowl whatever the numbers are: Being married to a Patriots fan and seeing her dreams of a perfect season go down in flames was what I will remember more than that crazy David Tyree/ Eli Manning completion.

2.) 2008 Olympic Opening Ceremonies - Watching this friends after a few drinks in a place like Fire Island made this extra special. I swear you all must try the game where you divide the number of Olympic Athletes per country by the total population. Its hilarious. Seeing Bob Costas and Matt Lauer trying to outdo each other using four or more syllable words was fun too.

3.) 2008 Rhode Island interscholastic Softball Championship. My sister-in-law is the head coach of the softball team that won the state championship in softball in Rhode Island. The championship game went 9 innings (the regular game was 7) and it was a nailbiter all the way. There's nothing watching a sport in person even if its a high school event. I taped the entire game and would put the final out here but my sister-in-law said if I did that, I'd be arrested for putting youths on here.

Part 3 to come at some point. I'm going to be in area with little to no internet connection so I'll do my best to wrap this up. Otherwise, I'll see you in 2009.

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Anonymous said...

I was at the 2008 Rhode Island interscholastic Softball Championship too, and thought the game sucked. Are you sure you were at the same game as me?

- petey