Friday, December 5, 2008

Awesomely Bad Videos - Bad Boy by Gloria Estefan

I was very disappointed in the fact that I couldn't post Journey's "Separate Ways" video a couple of weeks ago so to make it up for it, I give you an even stranger video of a somewhat underrated song.

The Miami Sound Machine became somewhat of a huge act in the 80's and its lead singer, Gloria Estefan, was the face of the band. This song was one of their first big hits hit and the video that went along with it was probably of the more odd ones you'd find in the early days of and follow along.

0:00 - 0:20 - Gloria Estefan must really not like this guy since she'd rather wander off into a dangerous alley then go back to his place and probably get sexually assaulted...tough call here. She also sports a mullet type haircut which is odd since this video was from 1985 and the mullet became popular a few years later. Could she have started the trend?

0:20-0:35 Dancing cats! I can't remember which came out first...this video or the Broadway musical Cats. Either way, the costumes look pretty similar.
EDIT: I found out that the cats in this video are indeed played by the cast of Cats. Excuse me as I pat myself on the back here.

0:36 - 1:00 Gloria seems to be smitten by the cats and takes probably the hugest gamble of life spending the next three minutes with them. Here we get to meet most of them through various forms of dancing and bad lip syncing.

1:03 - 1:24 It was hard to find an early 80's video that didn't feature a group dance segment (see "Love Is A Battlefield", "One Night In Bangkok", and any Michael Jackson video). Notice the complete lack of rhythm Gloria shows here. Love the arm cross move at the end of this part.

1:25 - 1:44 The black cat leader makes his move on Gloria and what you see here has to be one of the most understated sexually explicit moves of all time when his...ahem...tail appears at the 1:32 mark.

1:47 - Is the cat wearing MC Hammer pants? Again, this video is from 1985!

1:49-1:54 - Now appears one of the most perverted scenes ever in a video. A cat is looking at a "Play Cat", the equivalent of "Playboy" I presume. When he shows you the centerfold, its a baby kitten! That's the most insane thing I've ever seen. These cats are not only extremely horny, alcoholic, and crazed dancers, but are pedophiles as well.

2:22-2:24 Somehow Gloria kept a live goldfish on her body somewhere to tip this guy.

2:28 - 2:44 More group dancing...I have to admit I'm a sucker for these types of things.

3:03 - Another precursor of things to come...a cell phone! Amazing...

3:23 - This cat cop sort of looks like of of those Geico cavemen people.

3:55-end Uh-oh...the creepy boyfriend apparently never left and has been waiting for Gloria the whole time. He also looks extremely pissed. He shows his jealous side thinking she's somebody else and when she walks away from him AGAIN...he runs after to her, though now she sports a giant tail.

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