Monday, December 29, 2008


I'm currently in Florida and I'm mooching off a random person's internet connection so its been near impossible to do any type of updates. Even better, I left my computer battery at home so let's just say (in my best drunken Joe Namth voice) that's it been a "struggle" to update anything. I plan on getting the year end wrapup finished at the airport tomorrow...hopefully.

Anyway, a lot has gone on the past few days...

1.) Bye bye Eric Mangini, coach of the New York Jets. Congrats to Chad Pennington. Joe Namath was right about his analysis of you way back in 2003.

Go to this link for the full transcript.

2.) Was watching "Deal Or No Deal" Christmas night. I used to watch this show early on when they would have two, maybe three contestants, but stopped when it turned into a platform for the contestants to make complete fools of themselves (their families too). Anyway, I watched the episode where they had a Iraq war veteran on. Two things about this...

a.) He pretty glorified his experience out there. I know a few people who have done tours out in Iraq and they do not like to talk much about it much less talk it up on a national TV game show.

b.) After the first commercial break (about 5 minutes into the episode) they went to commercial break. Before they went though they showed you the ENTIRE FREAKIN' EPISODE!!! You se the soldier guy get an offer of $200K+ so you know that he goes far. The few times I've watched this show, I know you pretty much need just a few cases left to get that kind of money. I lost all incentive to watch the episode and turned it off.

3.) The movie "Scrooged" isn't as good as I remembered it. My wife and I ordered it on PPV and she fell asleep halfway through and I thought Bill Murray was overacting but in a bad way. There are some parts in it but its like a movie being fueled on cocaine which makes sense since its from 1988. I do love the "Put A Little Love In Your Heart" song at the ending credits. In's a top 3 Christmas movie list.

4.) Funny Farm: Silly movie about people moving out to the country around but the town comes together around the holidays. Some great lines ("he's a runner" and "those are sheep balls") and a nice holiday story.
3.) Die Hard: It's a Christmas it again.
2.) Gremlins 2: Highly underrated...I'm serious, pick this movie up in a DVD bargain bin.
1.) National Lampoon Christmas Vacation: The Griswald's at their finest.

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DO said...

Actually, this piece got me thinking. You think Joe and Suzy probably met before at some event and got it on? I bet there was some history there.