Thursday, December 18, 2008

Classic TV Shows - Growing Pains

I completely forgot that this show took place on Long Island. I'm not sure where but based on the somewhat neighborhood like scenary (and relatively lack of crime) its probably Suffolk county and not Nassau county. Anyway, the show revolved around a hard working family with three (later four) kids. Let's examine the characters a little more closely.

Jason Seaver (played by Alan Thicke)

First of all, I love that last, not Seaver...Thicke. Anyway, Jason was a psychiatrist who worked out of his home and seemed to do well enough. At least well enough to build an extension over the garage where Mike and his friends would later move into. The actor Alan Thicke also hosted a cool sounding talk show "In the Thicke of the Night" that sounds more like the title of a porn movie. Also the father of that hack singer Robin Thicke.

Maggie Seaver (played by Joanna Kearns)

Maggie was a reporter for a TV station. It didn't seem like a major network so perhaps it was Channel 12 news? Maggie was pretty sexy for her age and I remember seeing the actress portraying her in an early 90's TV movie about her seducing one of her sons friends.

Mike Seaver (played by Kirk Cameron)

I don't know who the Cameron's parents were but they must pray to God each night to have not one but two kids in show business. Not only that but both were also on hit shows (Kirk's sister Candace was on "Full House" for of those of who slept under rocks growing up). Anyway, Mike was the teen hearthrob yet somehow surrounded himself with friends named "Boner". He also dated a blonde girl on the show for awhile that later turned up in an adult movie in real life. Ended up meeting his real life wife on the show and is still married to her. A HUGE...I'm talking HUGE...follower of Jesus Christ. The above picture makes me want to punch him too.

Carol Seaver (played by Tracey Gold)

Another family that had multiple siblings on other TV shows (Tracy's sister was the young blond girl on Benson...its sad that I knew that off the top of my head and didn't need to look that up). Carol was the brainy sister much like Lisa Simpson. Deep inside that steel exterior was an actress going through bulemia. It got so bad they took her off the air for half a season. I found her much more attractive while she was sufering through bulemia than when she was heavier but don't think I'm a jerk because I didn't know she was bulemic at the time. I didn't even KNOW what bulemia was at the time. Anyway, Tracey was last scene in a Lifetime movie not too long ago.

Ben Seaver (played by Jeremy Miller)

Ben started off as a little kid but by season three was as tall as Mike. Ben also seemed to get into the most trouble. I have no idea what Jeremy Miller is doing these days.

Yes, there was that red haired girl Ashley who came later as well as Leonardo DiCaprio playing the homeless kid Mike and Ben take in the final season, but these are the core players. Let's take a quick look at that immortal theme song. Notice the classic "through the years" montage of each actor as well as that bit they'd do at the end when one of the family members are left starting at the camera as the rest of the family goes inside. The female voice on this show sounds a bit like Shakira but I don't think she was born yet when this came out.

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