Thursday, January 22, 2009

Awesome Death Scenes - The Champ

Right off the bat I'll admit, I've never seen the full movie. I just remember as a little kid that by no means should I see this movie because I recall Ricky Schroeder is crying, excuse me WAILING, at the end and that definitely cannot be a good thing. Anyway, I eventually caught the ending of "The Champ" when it was on cable not too long ago and thank god I never got to see it when I was under the age of 10.

The tears start around the 4:30 mark

My Lord that was brutal. Ricky Schroeder did a hell of a job though in that scene though...he certainly earned the chance to get that role on Silver Spoons. The whole "Wake up Champ, we gotta go home" line is tough to watch and makes me want to hug my own Dad right now.

Wow, I just put a huge damper on the rest of my day with this post. Sorry if I bummed you out as well....yeeesh.

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