Thursday, January 8, 2009

Classic TV Shows - Out Of This World

At some point in the late 80's good old Channel 9 here in NY, WWOR to the rest of the country, attempted to broadcast their own programming. Two shows were created and I remember seeing ads in almost every comic book I was reading at the time. The first show was "My Secret Identity" starring a young Jerry O'Connell and then this one..."My Secret Identity".

I honestly can't remember watching an entire episode of this show but I do remember three things. 1.) The very catchy but extremely annoying theme song (see below) that actually made me select this as today's write up; 2.) The weird prism thing that Edie would talk to was voiced by Burt Reynolds (going uncredited) and 3.) The weird electricity that Edie would shoot out of her hands to do special tricks.

The credits below explain the basis of the show. Its basically about an alien who comes to earth and knocks up a human and she gives birth to Edie. I don't recognize any of the supporting cast being in anything else so hopefully these actors aren't licking the curb or turning tricks somewhere in Los Angeles. I always thought the actress who played Edie was cute and my then 11 year old prayers were answered in 1993's B-Movie classic "Teenage Bonnie and Klepto Clyde" when Edie really showed us her orbs from outer space.

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Kerri said...

OHHHHH I have been waiting for this entry DAVE! LOL and yes, Steve Burton has been on the cast of General Hospital for some years now.. although.. you probably wouldnt know that.. but Jill would! LOLOLOL