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Super Bowl Buildup or Blogging like its February 2008

As we all know, the second biggest party night (after New Year's Eve) is coming up Sunday with the Super Bowl. I'll admit, I can't get into either team but I'll watch just because I want to see what Kurt Warner's bible loving wife will do when he wins/loses and I think the coach of the Steelers, Mike Tomlin, looks just like Omar Epps from the TV show House.

Anyway, I attempted to do a running blog of last years Giants/Patriots Super Bowl. I will give running bloggers a lot of respect, it is very hard to do. I only go to the two minute warning of the first half before I gave up. Anyway, its not half bad in my opinion and worth posting here. I like the Jordin Sparks references I make...enjoy.

SUPER BOWL XLII RUNNING BLOG (done on February 3, 2008)

6:00pm – Despite the Super Bowl game coverage starting on Fox, I can’t help but watch the sudden death playoff going on against J.B. Holmes and Phil Mickelson. Very rarely can you hear Jim Nantz and Joe Buck on TV at the exact same time.

6:01pm – Mickelson hits his approach to the 1st playoff hole to 15 feet while Holmes knocks it stiff to 4 feet. Nantz sounds like he doesn’t mind not being down the road calling the Super Bowl.

6:02pm – Fox coverage starts up. But it’s the “Pre-Kick” show. Buck looks dapper in his gray suit and purple tie. Aikman talks a lot of football jargon. Meanwhile Mickelson misses his long putt for birdie.

6:04pm – Holmes takes forever to line up his putt and makes it. Nantz makes a semi-classic call saying “He got it!!! JB Holmes birdies the 18th twice in 20 minutes to win the FBR open!!!”. I’m sure he wishes in a few hours he was saying “Tom Brady and the New England Patriots have just achieved immortality…a perfect season” while handing Bill Belichek the Super Bowl trophy.

6:08pm – Player introductions. I love when you can hear the main announcer’s voice talking to the crowd. The Giants seem angry in the pre-taped segment…road warriors is repeated ad nauseum. I guess they like Kanye West too. I hope Daft Punk got a lot of money for that sample because it’s the only good thing on that entire album. The Pats seem to have a louder response. Their rallying cry is “teamwork” and come out to Black Sabbath.

Based on the Kanye West / “road warriors” theme vs. Black Sabbath’s Crazy Train / “teamwork” theme, I like the Pats 42-24.

6:12pm – Oh baby…in what could be an interesting National Anthem, Jordin Sparks looks like she just took a dump in her dress when they announced her about to sing before going to commercial.

6:17pm – National Anthem time as Brady still loosens up. Jordin Sparks looks very intense. For an 18 year old she looks like she’s around 25 and has been around the block a few times. She does a pretty good job but as they go to commercial, she looks like she just walked out of a Planned Parenthood finding out she wasn’t pregnant.

6:23pm – Coin toss time. Beforehand, they hand out the Walter Payton award to Jason Taylor. The award itself looks like something I made out of Play-Do when I was in 4th grade. Nice to see Jerry Rice, Ronnie Lott, and Steve Young on the same field again. I LOVE this referee....I forget his name but the way he jerks his arms when making calls is something I’ll enjoy throughout the game, even when it becomes a blowout. Giants win the toss and will receive. This is the third straight time in the playoffs, the Pats haven’t had the ball first.

6:27pm – Pre-game reports with Pam Oliver and Chris Meyers. Basically everyone is healthy and ready to go. I like how Chris Meyers tells Tedi Bruschi to “have fun”. On a side note, I am in a playoff rotisserie league and the only way to win was to pick the worst players and hope they have great games.

6:32pm - First drive for the Giants – Manning converts two 3rd and 6’s. First injuries leads to the first commercials. Bud light guy breathing fire (6/10) and an Audi Godfather spoof (8/10 only because the actor played Moe Green in the first Godfather).

6:38pm – Randall Gay and Rodney Harrison were the injured Pats. I didn’t even get a chance to make a Gay joke before he’s limping off the field. First Peyton Manning sighting. First Belechek red sweatshirt sighting. 100th Tom Petty halftime special promo sighting.

6:45pm – Giants manage to have a long first drive but it ends in a field goal. The super caffeinated Diet Pepsi commercial is pretty good although I can’t stand Joe Buck parodying himself. Nice to see Mango show up at the end but would have been better if Will Ferrel showed up too. Whoever wrote the “What Is Love” song must have made an extra million dollars based on that SNL skit and commercial (8/10). Sales genie follows…bleh (2/10).

6:49 – Pats first possession but wait more commercials. Bud light has one of those “How to hide your bud light” spots that works (6/10). This is followed by a too serious commercial for something I didn’t understand…under armour? The guy shouting at the end sounded like Busta Rhymes.

6:55pm – Pats methodically but easily move down the field. PI call on Antonio Pierce leads to a first and goal at the 1. Anybody that had super bowl squares numbers Giants “3” Patriots “7” are devastated as the first quarter ends with Mulroney being stopped at the goal line.

7:00pm – More commercials…animals screaming for a car (7/10), some random singer songwriter (3/10, bad song) for Doritos, Prudential retirement planning (1/10 as they are a direct competitor to AXA)

7:02pm – Lawrence Marouney scores on the first play of the 2nd half but surprisingly does not do the chicken dance. KFC has a promotion that says that the first player to do the chicken dance in the end zone or victory podium would get $250,000 donated on their behalf.

7:04pm – Preview for an Anjelina Jolie action movie (7/10, the stunts look good), Derek Jeter drinks some vitamin water (5/10 saved only by the Who song “Sparks” playing in the background), Go-Daddy (4/10, I have little interest seeing Danica Patrick take her top off), and some guy getting props from an entire city for carrying a Dell (3/10) around precede the next Giants possession.

7:07pm – Super pigeons for Fed Ex (9/10, my favorite so far just to see giant pigeons), Cars.com (8/10, just because its randomness with the circle of fire, and the Tide commercial with the guy having interviewing with the stain on his shirt (8/10 only because my wife Jill probably sees me that way when I have stain anywhere on me). A solid trifecta of commercials.

7:11pm – back to the game, Toomer catches a long bomb and the Giants are in Pats territory again. The key is if the Giants can score some touchdowns as the Chargers had a lot of success last week getting inside the 10 yard line but couldn’t punch it in. Terrible delay of game call on the Giants which leads to the first turnover. Steve Smith can’t hold on as Ellis Hobbs takes it back 35 yards.

7:14pm – more commercials. A horse trains like Rocky (7/10 because its cheese factor), Iron Man trailer (7/10, I loved the comic and want to see the movie but a little too CGI-ish at the end of it brings it down a notch).

7:17pm – starting to get hungry so updates will begin to slow down. Giants have a huge stop starting with a 2nd and 2. That’s what they need to hopefully not lose control of the early momentum they had.

7:18pm Again more commercials…Toyota badger commercial (8/10, I like animals and to show baby animals nursing on its mother puts it over the edge for me). Random trailer for a George Clooney movie (2/10…looks dumb), and a GPS commercial (4/10, napoleon?)

7:22pm – Terrible possession for the Giants. First a sack, then a near fumble, then a short pass that was incomplete. The Pats and Giants don’t seem to like each other very much, a fight might break out or at least some unsportsman like penalty flags. Two rookies (Steve Smith and Ahmad Bradshaw) are showing their nerves here.

7:24pm – more commercials. Woman’s heart drops out of her body (6/10, random). Lizards dance the thriller with I think Naomi Campbell but I can’t tell you I’ve ever heard of Life Water before (9/10). Some drug dealer slacker tries to push the blame off him onto the parents (7/10, I like the message). I notice that there haven’t been two possessions in a row without a set of commercials.

7:27pm – Pats go 3 and out again as Brady is sacked twice in a row. Giants need to seize some momentum to take the lead. Pats are too dangerous to keep around for too much longer. Giants need to stay within a touchdown before halftime.

7:30pm – Commericials! Yukon hybrid ad misses the mark (2/10), Immigrants learn how to talk to hot women (5/10, meh). Giants need to do something here, at least get a few first downs to keep the ball away from the Pats. I like how Aikman uses the expression “shoot the gap”. Giants are using the running game. This will work between the 25 yard lines but its when they get inside the red zone where Manning and the passing game will come more into play.

7:36pm - First major play of the game. Manning fumbles the ball but Bradshaw pushes it forward and the Giants recover for a first down. I guess that was a penalty. Giants still have possession but may have just knocked them out of the field goal range. Giants will have to punt.

7:39pm – Two minute warning. Commercials again – Unibrowed woman attracts all kind of men because she rubs cashews on her body (4/10 because it’s a stupid idea but it was well executed), Charles Barkley harasses Dwayne Wade (6/10 not original enough)

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