Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weekend Roundup

Wrapping the week up...

1.) Saw Gran Torino today and it was excellent. Starring and directed by Clint Eastwood, its a good mix of drama, comedy, and tension. I'm sure many senior citizens can relate to Clint's character's anger in how sad today's society can be towards others. Its rare I walk out of a movie theater these days feeling somewhat emotional but this movie almost got me. Not to be confused by the video game Gran Torismo.

2.) Again, when will SUV owners learn that you need to clean the snow off the top of your vehicles as well.

3.) The missus rented Mamma Mia (the Meryl Streep movie) and she summed it up beautifully at the end..."if we ever end up seeing Mamma Mia on broadway, please shoot me in the head".

4.) Played some Wii over the weekend. I'm pretty much a Playstation 3 guy but I'll admit the Wii has some charm. One game that I need to get for PS3 that I played on the Wii was "American Idol". There's nothing like singing "Don't Know Much" by Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Neville and then having Simon Cowell's voice praise you like a rock star.

5.) Picked up Season 5 of the old HBO show "Tales From The Crypt"...I forgot how good this show was. Each episode features at least a couple of decent recognizable actors and has a good mix of gore and humor (and nudity!) I cruised through 5 episodes in one sitting. The crypt keeper gets on my nerves after a while with his terrible puns.

6.) Congrats to the Cardinals for making the Super Bowl and hats off to Kurt Warner. I'm shocked that there's been no mention of wacky Jesus loving wife but I'm sure it will come out over the next two weeks.

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