Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Classic Purchases

As some of you may know, I have a rather large and very random collection of CD's and DVD's. Most of that was purchased from used record stores like Vibes, Newbury Comics, Tower Records, and HMV (all in Boston) and of course Ironically enough, Amazon saves your entire order history going back to 1999. From time to time, I'll list a purchase I made from them over the years and the rational or rather irrational reasons why I bought them.

Let's flashback to a purchase made on December 2, 1999...I was wallowing in money with my first job (making $33,000 a year!) and living in Allston, Massachusetts paying $600/month in rent. Discretionary income was completely wasted on disposable media (and Busch beer).

Items purchased:

1.) Pink Floyd - The Wall (DVD) - This classic movie was finally being released on DVD and being a fan of Pink Floyd's more commercial stuff, I definitely wanted it. After watching it though, its a little weird but that was to be expected. I still cringe at the scene where the guy shaves his nipples...ugh. Great music though.

Regrets: None but I should have watched it more than once in 9 years to get my money's worth.

2.) The Best Of Stevie B (CD) - You cannot deny the pure goodness that is Stevie B. Even if you think you don't know any of his songs, you've definitely heard him at junior high dance parties or on the radio (or in my car). I bought it mainly for one song (In My Eyes) and had no idea that there were four or five great songs on there (Rock Your Body, I Want To Be The One, Spring Love, The Postman Song). The above songs are still on my IPOD today and I even have a Stevie B Megamix I downloaded off the internet. I remember reading that you can hire Stevie B for a mere $20,000 to play at a party if you'd like.

Regrets: Absoultely not..."spring loooooove, come back to meeeeeeee"

3.) Millenium - Backstreet Boys (CD) - Ugh, sad to say, I got wrapped into the boy band craze. I enjoyed their songs at the time but that was the current state of music. I do love bands with good vocal harmonies and that was one of their strenghts. I think this was the CD with "I Want It That Way" which I embarassingly kareoked to at a New Years Eve party later that year.

Regrets: Bad choice made on this one.

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