Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Top 5 Peter Cetera songs

Ahhh yes, Peter Cetera. Formerly of Chicago, this living legend has sung some of the biggest songs ever recorded and probably makes millions every year from dentists and doctors everywhere since they play his music all the time.

His two biggest hits are probably "You're The Inspiration", "Hard To Say I'm Sorry", and "If You Leave Me Now". However, since those are grossly overplayed, I give these five gems. Instead of attaching a video for each of them, I'm attaching a link to watch the video on Youtube.

5.) "Hard Habit To Break" (Off Chicago 17. Released in1985) - A rare duet in Chicago's history but this is mainly Peter Cetera's song. The other guy with the cool beard is Bill Champlain who would become their main singer on Chicago's later hits like "I Don't Want To Live Without Your Love" and "Look Away". The best two parts of the video happens at 3:28-3:30 when the other lead singer in the band, Robert Lamm, gives a super cool look into the camera. My other favorite part happens at 2:26 when Peter Cetera does an awesome fist pump while playing the bass.

4.) "Glory For Love" (From Karate Kid II Soundtrack. Released in 1986) - Everybody knows this song from the Karate Kid Part II. It sounds like a Chicago song but its actually his first solo song. A classic 80's video in that they show clips from the movie. Some highlights include the longest eye blink at 0:34, the random movie clips that start at 1:10, the violent scene at 2:05, the hand move that Peter Cetera does at 3:00 and his name appears, and the orgasmic bliss he appears to be in at 3:44.

3.) "Searching For So Long" - (From Chicago VII. Released in 1975) One of the more older songs here, this song is perfect Peter Cetera cheese. From the opening string section to Peter singing at his highest notes. The song ends on a rocking note with a great guitar solo and Peter scat singing. The link is for a live version. Things to look for include the groovy outfits including Peter Cetera's crazy hair, the high note he hits at 1:31, 2:24, and 2:37, the cool guitar solo starting around 2:59 (I like the muscle Rangers jersey), the scat singing at 3:18 culminating in the high squeal at 3:20. This would have been my wedding song if it wasn't a little too schmaltzy.

2.) "One Good Woman" (From Solitare/Solitude. Released in 1988). Another great Peter Cetera mid temp love song. It always gets me fired up. Things to look at in this video is Peter rocking the shades at :30, Peter's awesome button-down vest throughout the video at :43 and 1:22, the facial expressions around 1:40-1:46, the cool shadowesque Peter at 2:45, the big finale at 3:24 with all sorts of weird special effects, and the final money shot at 3:55 when he's dancing while standing still.

1.) "Street Player" (From Chicago XIV. Released in 1979). I'd have full respect for you if you've heard of this song before. However, you've definitely heard parts of it since was sampled for a club song in the early 90's. I think the name of the band was the Buckethedz but the song was called "The Bomb". Anyway here's a weird 70's version of the original song. The quality isn't the greatest but you get the point. The main riff kicks in right away and the vocal you all know and love happens at :38. If you love progressive disco rock, then you can watch the whole thing but I won't bore you any more. I added the club song as well to compare.

You have to respect the fact that you've probably danced to Peter Cetera's voice at a wedding or club and never knew it.


Anonymous said...

You forgot about "Next Time I Fall" with Amy Grant. Now imagine those two in an 80's porno flick. Good stuff!

Hungieman said...

I thought about that video as well as well his duet with Cher (After All).

I do like how they filmed that video as if you were drinking 12 beers in that it was so blurry and hard to follow at times. Great song and an all time classic synthesizer line too.