Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Slip and Slide

Edit: My Lord, Not sure if any of you read this before I edited it. My grammar was on par with a 2nd grader...


In honor of the hot summer days, let's go back and examine a product that has brought hours of enjoyment and laughs to little kids who were unfortunate enough to not have a pool. Not only did this product give smiles and squeals of delight to many youngsters, but it also gave severe burns to the legs, broken ribs, concussions, and the ever famous "having the wind knocked out of you". Folks, lets recognize the Slip N' Slide.

Sadly, I could not find a retro commerical promoting the slip n' slide but its hard to forget the catchy jingle..."sliii-IP, slip and slide...sliiii-IP, slip and slide". Despite it looking so smooth and shiny in the commercials, every slip n' slide I used was wrinkly and a bitch to keep to lubricated. Nonetheless is was a marvelous invention.

The slip n' slide was a long piece of thin yellow plastic with these tubes on the side that you could stick you average garden hose into (or something else if the hormones were raging). You'd turn on the hose and the water comes spewing out of these little holes to keep the slip n' slide nice and moist and slippery. What they didn't tell kids is that the slip n' slide is tough to keep wet (hence major slide burns) or that when its wet, be VERY careful not to run on top of the thing or you'd slip and smack your face on the ground. Also, when the perosn using the slip n' slide made it to the end, you'd end up on the grass or even worse, a fence. The later versions added a little pool at the end...only the really rich people had one of those.

Anyway, I wish I could relive those days when a simple sprinkler or garden hose could entertain me on hot summer days. Sadly today, hot summer days involve working and blogging to people who I have no idea if they enjoy this or not.

Enjoy the video...you can't help but know somebody this happened to.

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