Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Neck is Killing Me or My IMAX Experience

I learned 2 things last night. The first one is to be afraid...be VERY afraid if you plan on seeing a movie at an IMAX theater sitting in the front row.

As most people know, the new Batman movie has broken all first week numbers as well garnering up tons of great reviews. I definitely wanted to see this movie and I have a couple of friends who I try and catch the big event movies with so we agreed to go see it this past Monday. On top of that we thought to take it a step further and watch it at an IMAX theater. IMAX theater is like watching a movie with a dome around you with much better picture and sound....perfect for this kind of movie. The tickets were bought last Friday for Monday's 7:15 showing.

Mind you, there's only one IMAX theater on Long Island. After a hearty meal at Houston's (which I caused my friends to get lost by mixing it up with a non-existant Houlihans in the area), we arrived at the IMAX at 6:45...plenty of time to get a good seat for a 7:15 show. When we arrived, the line was twisted around the outside of the theater and into the little cheesy food court they have. We were probably part of the last 20 people in line (or as my friend Dave says..."on line...its on line").

When we walked into the theater itself only the first three rows were open but one of friends who I'll call "Batman", saw three empty seats near the top. My other friend, who I'll call "Joker", and I thought we should take the third row and hedge our bet. Nonetheless we tried for the upper rows only to see that the seats were saved. By the time we found open seats, all that was left was the front row whose seats are already angled at 45 degrees. The third row seats were quickly swiped due to "Batman's" poor decision making.

Needless to say, the movie was tough to watch. You had to keep turning your head all the way to the left and right just to follow simple conversations. Forget about the action sequences, it was just a blur of activity. Some of the scenes you had to look way up to the top of the screen almost behind you. When the movie started, "Joker" said to "Batman", "I don't think I'm going to make it". I took one sip of my drink since I didn't want to risk spilling it all over me or choking on it as I tried to swallow. We hung in there and left with sore necks.

The movie itself was very good and I highly recommend it. I definitely need to see it again though because I know I missed about 30% of the picture since I'd need eyes like a frog to view the whole movie where the seats were.

---Quick trivia: Keep a look out towards the end of the movie for the old wrestler known as Zeus. He was the tall black wrestler from the late 80's who was cross eyed and get all fired up and breaths through his nose. He also played the bad guy in Hulk Hogan's immortal "Over The Top". He plays a pretty key role for his one scene and even does the cross eyed thing too.

Oh, and the other thing I learned last night? You can't wear a hat in Houston's dining area.

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