Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tid Bits

Some quickies for today:

1.) Went to see Rush last night in concert. Although I only knew two of their songs, they put on a great three hour show that flew by. Jones Beach is a great place to see a concert too. Rush charges $70 for a three hour show...the Police charge $140 for a 90 minute show.

2.) Was in Atlantic City this past weekend. If you ever go there do NOT stay at the Tropicana hotel. Although, the food and restaurants are good, and the casino is big and clean, the hotel part of it is terrible. The bed spreads looked like they were from 1970's and thin as a black garbage bag. The air conditioning was sketchy, the elevators were slow, and I was better washing myself with a garden hose than the pressure coming out of the shower head. To make matters worse, after being out of the room for 6 hours playing golf on Saturday, we come back to the room to find it open. Apparently the cleaning staff forgot to close the door. You've been warned.

3.) The All Star Game is tonight and even better, its at Yankee Stadium. If its anything like the one from Boston in 1999, the pregame should be worth watching. My prediction is that Yogi Berra will get the loudest applause (assuming they are going to bring out some of the older Yankees) and that Fox will cut to the crowd for reaction shots at least 200 times throughout the entire broadcast. For what its worth, listen to the Yankee PA announcer Bob Shepard because it will one of the last seasons you'll see him. He's around 93 years old.

In any event go National League...2008 World Series at Shea Stadium!!!

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