Friday, July 25, 2008

Stick Shifts and Video Rentals

Wrapping up loose ends for the week...

Haha, the below video is great. This could happen at a supermarket parking lot much less an Indy car race. I love Danica Patrick's innocent reactions ("what are you doing?!?" and "what the hell?!?) and how she gets the towel thrown at her not once but twice. The pit crew wisely block Danica out at the end of the video...good stuff.

Caught up on some movie rentals the past week. You can read my review of Batman a couple of posts below but here are some others that piqued my interest. If my wife watched it, I'll give you her quick thoughts on it for any ladies who check this out.

1.) Before the Devil Knows Your Dead - Starring Ethan Hawke, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Marisa Tomei. Other than seeing Marisa Tomei naked in several different scenes of the movie and having a pivitol scene filmed in the Bayside Bay Terrace shopping center (where I used to live), this movie is just too long. Its one of the more depressing movies but that's not the point. The movie is very slow paced to the point where you feel happy that everything goes wrong in the end just so the credits start to roll. Not recommended until they put out a version that's 30 minutes shorter (or you like seeing Marisa Tomei naked)
Did my wife like it?: She thought it was dark and depressing. Plus, in exchange for seeing Marisa Tomei naked, she gets to see Philip Seymour Hoffman naked. That's like a guy watching a movie where Brad Pitt get it on with the old lady from Titanic.

2.) Vantage Point - Starring Dennis Quaid, William Hurt, Matthew Fox (from Lost), and Forest Whitaker (his lazy eye in solid lazy eye form). Not a bad rental. It moves quickly and it shows a crime taking place from four different points of views aka. "vantage points". Some little twists held my interest. Recommended if all the hot movies are rented out and you still are lookingfor something to rent.
Did my wife like it? : She said it actually wasn't too bad and mentioned it was a good enough movie to pass 90 minutes. It wasn't a chick flick by any means though.

3.) I Am Legend - Starring Will Smith, a german shepard, and a ton of CGI creatures. I held off renting this one for a bit do to the mixed reviews but I have to say that I really liked this movie. The first half is pretty creepy and even when the computer generated bad guys show up (not as fake looking as I thought they'd be) it gets pretty intense. I definitely recommend this movie but there's no love story involved if you're looking for a date movie.
Did my wife like it?: She passed on this one and didn't watch it. Knowing the movies she likes, that was probably a wise idea.

4.) Mr. Brooks - Starring Kevin Costner, William Hurt, Dane Cook, and Demi Moore. With that cast you'd think it would be a laugh out loud comedy (although I despise Dane Cook). However, its a very interesting crime drama about a serial killer (Costner) who's lives a normal life. Its when his blood thirsty alter ego (Hurt) comes around when things get interesting. Not as violent as it sounds though it gets a little crazy at the end, its one of those underrated movies that quietly passed through the movie theaters into the video store that make a great rental. Recommended as much as I Am Legend for it being a different type of movie. Dane Cook actually plays a serious role so I was able to tolerate him for once...barely.
Did my wife like it?: She thought it was pretty good although a little downbeat. Afterwards, she wanted to watch something uplifting for a few minutes on TV...her choice? The Most Dangerous Catch.

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