Thursday, July 17, 2008

Movies To Make You Cry...IN FEAR

First things first....I removed the dumb restriction that says you need to register with Google before being able to comment. Now you can comment away if you want.

Back on topic...growing up I was a major wussy when it came to scary parts in family type movies. Here are five that although they don't scare me anymore, I'll never forget the total fear watching them for the first time.

5.) E.T.

Basic Plot - Alien arrives on earth, meets young boy, gets drunk, eats lots of candy, almost dies, and then goes back home his planet thanks to a Speak and Spell.

Parts that made me cry - 1.) When E.T. makes his first appearance by jumping out the bushes. The shriek alone he makes scared me. 2.) E.T. is as white as a sheet nearly dead in a ditch. I wasn't crying because I thought he was dead, I was crying because he looked so freaky. 3.) E.T. says goodbye to Elliott...very sad. Oddly enough, I had a calendar of that shot where E.T. and Elliott are hugging and E.T. face is looking down with his eyes closed. I would have nightmares about that picture where E.T.'s eyes would open, he'd look at me, and then sneer (see above).

Nights I spent on my parents bedroom floor - 2 (out of a maximum 5 since they'd kick me out after a week)

4.) Transformers The Movie

Basic Plot - A giant planet (Unicron) arrives to eat every planet in its path. Meanwhile the Decepticons and Autobots fight against each other before realizing that the bigger issue is the planet itself.

Parts that made me cry - 1.) The opening music when Unicron first arrives is just the darkest music you'll ever hear in a film. 2.) The scene where Megatron ambushes the autobot ship and blows away four autobots in 30 seconds...when the smoke comes out of Prowl's eyes (as if it was blood), I couldn't beleive what I was watching. 3.) Optimus Prime dying.

Nights spent on my parents floor - 3 nights

3.) Back To The Future

Basic Plot - Teenager accidently goes back in time, meets his parents, almost screws up his own existence, and invents the Van Halen style of guitar playing.

Parts that made me cry - 1.) Towards the end, trying to make his parents kiss, when Marty starts fading away. The music they play while he slumps to the ground and that evil laugh that one guy gives did it for me. 2.) The scene where Doc Brown is on the top of the clock tower trying to plug in the power source thingee and comes across the gargoyle that looks like a panther (shades of Manimal?). When the lightening flashes and and Doc Brown screams upon seeing it, I knew it was a night on the floor for me. I hate gargoyles to this very day but I felt impressed to know what a gargoyle was when I was 7 years old.

Nights spent on my parents floor - 3

2.) The Neverending Story

Basic Plot - Boy reads a book, realizes the book is being played out in another dimension full of wolves, dragons, and bad 1980's makeup.

Parts that made me cry. Whoa baby...1.) The wolf head falling out of the closet while the boy is reading the book. 2.) The first appearance of Falcor (which looked like a giant white furry turd). 3.) The horse sinking into the swamp and the look on its acting ever by a horse. 4.) The turtle type creature's voice. 5.) The statue's who's eyes would open up and blow away the horse riding guy. 6.) The wolf type creature who fights the hero of the story when his eyes only appeared in the dark. I need to see this movie again.

Nights spent on my parents floor - 4

1.) Ghostbusters
Basic Plot - Ghosts start taking over the city forcing four scientists to becomes Ghostbusters. Even though I was 5 when this came out, I knew Rick Moranis was going to be very annoying.

Parts that made me cry: Only one here...but its a doozy. The part where Sigorney Weaver's character, Dana, sits in her chair and then the monster hands come out of the chair and drag her away. That one scene mentioned here that still freaks me out a bit because it comes out of nowhere and happens so fast. The rest of the movie's goofy horrorness didn't faze me and I still use the line "There is no Dana, only Zuel" on anybody that knows somebody named Dana.

Nights spent on the floor - 5 (I hate gargoyles)
Honorable Mentions - Gremlins (Stripe melting at the end), G.I. Joe (Duke nearly dies), Rocky III (Paulie breaks the pinball machine), Rocky IV (Apollo dies), Cloak and Dagger (scene where the old lady pulls her glove off to reveal a missing finger).
Feel free to share your scary movie moments.


thor said...

hmmm I have a few. "They" never will I watch a movie in the dark on a futon, when these things came out and snatch you away in the movie when ever it turned dark even under your bed. Yeah have you ever walked into a basement with no lights on after watching "They" try it..
Months not watching a movie on the at night-10.. No lie.

2) IT.. I used to wonder what was down in under the sewers when we used to roll berries and rocks down the drains.. yeah Cried when i saw who pulled the little boy down.. the bodies float. they always float down there. Yeah not a happy camper..

Pennywise.. Because of the clown scaring the complete shit out of me and his name was the same as the band Pennywise. I refuse to listen to there music.

Be back tomorrow with the rest. Peace.

Stay tuned for tomorrow after I review my video vault. To be honest most of tears came from when the villans died.. Preview.. Darth Maul.. wouldn't watch Star Wars for a while..

Hungieman said...

Completely forgot about IT. That deserves its own write up. I will address it at a future post.