Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Classic Amazon Purchases

Let's go right to it: October 17, 2000. The Yankees were wrapping up their 4th World Series in five years and Al Gore was about to get f'ed in the Presidential election...oh how long ago that seems.

In the meantime, I was enjoying my new digs moving from Allston, Massachusetts over to Brighton, Massachusetts. It was a much bigger place which meant more room to store more meaningless crap...including these gems:
Taken from my "order history" off the website.

1.) Jurassic Park (1993) - DVD: One of the better movies of the 90's although I'd like to see if it holds up as well as it did back when it released in 1993. I remember thinking that the dinosaurs in it looked pretty darn real but didn't need to see Laura Dern have an orgasm going through the triceratops diarrhea. I also liked how the guy who played Newman from Seinfeld was in it and still silently do the "Uhhh uhhh uhhh" thing he leaves on his computer when they try to hack into it. If it sounds like I haven't watched this movie since 1993, you are correct. This DVD has been collecting dust for almost 8 years now. I think I might have to actually watch it on the next rainy day.

2.) A View To A Kill (1985) - DVD: Although not a major fan of James Bond films I am a huge fan of Christoper Walken and he plays the bad guy in this film. Most Bond fans say this is the worst film of all Bond movies and I sort of see where they're coming from. Roger Moore was pushing social security and the action scenes were getting way over the top. On the plus side it has Grace Jones in it who I think more of that "In Living Color" sketch where they impersonate her going on a blind date yelling "Do you find me sexy Harvey!?!?!". It also has a super cool Duran Duran theme song that features the most annoying drum sample ever. But I digress. Not recommended but if you like goofy Christopher Walken facial expressions and mannerisms, I'll lend it you for a bag of sea salt and vinegar chips.

3.) Baseball: A Film by Ken Burns (1994) - DVD: This has to be one of my most prized possessions. Its a 9 DVD box set that features the history of baseball. Each disc covers one "inning" that spans a decade of the sport. Unlike 90% of my collection, I've seen this entire series four or five times now. Growing up in the 80's with the likes of Von Hayes, Dale Murphy, and Dan Quisenberry, its a fascinating look back at the complete history of the sport told by some of the old writers and players who witnessed it. Its probably the most I ever spent on a DVD ($125.99) but its worth it if you can find it used out there. It also makes a great Father's Day gift. Trust me on this one.

4.) Body Shots (1999) - DVD: I am ashamed to say I own this movie. Its about a group of 20 year old somethings who meet at a club and things happen all over the place. It was about relationships although the kind of things they were going through were way beyond my comprehension and foreign to me (sex in an alley with a complete stranger, couples living together, wearing suits to a club). Of course the main draw to the movie was seeing Tara Reid naked but even that is a minor disappointment. The move climaxes with a "was she raped" or "she consented to having sex" finale that is sort of interesting but really, this movie was a waste of the $19 I paid for it. It does have a pretty neat cast though...Amanda Peet, Jerry O'Connell, Ron Livingston, Tara Reid, and the blond science technician from CSI Miami. I'm sure they leave that off their resume when applying for film roles...well everyone except for Tara Reid.

In case you were wondering which version I have based on the picture above...its the unrated version.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I just brought Ken Burns baseball - $162 so pricier now than then.

Hungieman said...

My favorite discs are the first couple when they dip into the 1800's to show the origin of the game. As a Met fan, they do a great look back at the 1986 World Series as well. Let me know what you think as you go through it.